2 Secrets Every Ink and Toner Company Hides From You

When you purchase your printer’s ink or toner from a reputed company, you always root and expect for the best. The best in service, predicts, and reliable information. There is not a single chance that you might even think of that your favorite company would keep any secret from you, but they might be. Purchasing and selling toner is deemed a tricky business and like every other transaction, you want to ensure that you are told about everything that is worth your purchase, every time. Hence, take note to get acquainted with everything to know about buying your HP toner. We have listed some secrets every ink and toner company keep from their customers.

  1. The expiry date doesn’t mean obsolete

It must have been the case with everyone that you accomplish your work hastily in order to not surpass the expiry date stamped on the product. It is a myth that the product becomes obsolete after its expiration date. Sometimes, it is true, but you can take a few measures to elongate the life of your toner:

  1. Your ink or toner is in a good condition for up to two years after the purchase date.
  2. Store your ink or toner in the right way. Keep it in an upright position and in a dark place. This can prevent your ink from leaking and for multicolor cartridges, it could prevent them from mixing. Don’t forget to store it in the room temperature.
  3. If your ink or toner is sealed, you will still be able to use it if it is near to its expiry date or past it.
  4. The 5000 page yield

You can print at least 5000 pages in one cartridge, but it is deemed a myth. There is a particular method to determine the page yield for the color inkjet printers and other printing equipment. This method measures the number of pages only printed with 5 percent coverage until the cartridge runs out. In other words, there should be only at least 5 percent of the page with ink or toner to be deemed as a full page. Albeit it seems like a bit misleading, but it is the standard way to determine the page yield. Hence seek other factors involved in printing pages like image size, font size, content size and even paper tray selections.