Cybersecurity inthe Modern Age of the Internet

In the changing landscape of modern technology and internet connectivity, the software needs are also changing. During the earlier days of the internet when social media was just booming, antivirus software was a must for every computer at work. Everyone doesn’t want to catch that virus that hides files. And last but not least, ads literally fall in the screen.

Now that internet connection is being utilized and improved, ransomware and other malware are everywhere. User information is being used to display tamer ads. And last but not least is the formation of the “cloud” and the bigger threats to cybersecurity like phishing, scams, and all nasty stuff.

The looming threat in Cybersecurity is getting more and more obvious in the past years. Cybercriminals entered the FBI’s most wanted list. Park JinHyok, the person responsible for the WannaCry attack, landed the FBI’s most wanted list in 2014. Park’s victims include a lot of firms and businesses and PCs of older people. This does mean something, that cybercrime is getting more and more complex every year and that cybersecurity should be one of the priorities of every firm.

Small businesses are usually the one being targeted by hackers to attack. There are 43% of companies that experienced web-based attacks targeted to small businesses. A medium or large company is not also spared because system security is usually lax. With the constant attacks from hackers in every system, cybersecurity should be taken seriously. Any penetration testing software can be used to determine if a system is strong enough to handle system penetration attacks.

Penetration testing, or pen testing, is an example of ethical hacking where the security of the network and computer system is tested for vulnerabilities. Before attackers can exploit these vulnerabilities, a group will try to patch it. Penetration testing is done with an automated software application.

System vulnerabilities and exploitable parts of the network are not the only things that can be detected in penetration testing. Flaws in the security of an organization’s computer policy is also tested. Will a policy in use really needed to protect the important files of the company? What are the things to be done in the employee systems to avoid a human error? Will an upgrade in the facility or in the software eliminate threats that are looming in the internet corner?

Every business with an IT department can do penetration testing with the right tools and write personnel. However, those who don’t have an IT department is recommended to call cybersecurity specialists can help you with your needs. There are a lot of services offered by cybersecurity sites and a lot of them are on a subscription basis.

Pen testing is not a one-time, big-time event only. This test must be made in regular to know which part of your system can be compromised. The reason for this is because hackers around the world are still releasing new threats in the wild. In order to fight this malware, it is important to have proper security measure installed it the system.