Getting the Most Out of Your Online Eyeglass Purchase

In the past, the only way you could purchase new eyeglasses was by visiting your local optometrist and having an eye test done. With your prescription in hand, you could then choose a pair of frames and have them put your glasses together. It would generally take about a week or two to receive your new pair and you would need to return to their office to have them fitted. However, since the advent of the internet, there are now new ways for you to make all of your eyeglass and contact lens purchases online.

How Purchasing Glasses Online Works

The one item you will still need to have is the prescription from your eye doctor. Once you have this, you can visit one of the many online websites and choose a pair of frames that you like. There are typically thousands of frames for you to choose from and each of these websites will have a feature for you to upload a photo and actually try the frames on. You will be able to see how they will fit your face and if they look good on you. Once you have found a pair that you like, you will then need to enter the prescription information you got from your doctor. You will then make your payment and checkout quickly. The new eyeglasses you ordered will take about two to three weeks to receive. However, the cost for making this purchase will most likely be a fraction of what you would have paid at your optometrist’s office.

Finding a Reputable Online Eyeglass Company

In order to find the best company to work with on your purchase, you should visit a number of websites in order to see what they offer as far as frames and other benefits. Many of them will also give you free lens tinting or anti-glare coatings. If you were to visit a site like, you will see what they can give as far as eye protection. Some companies will also offer lenses that contain special blue light filtering. This feature is beneficial for people who use the computer a lot for work and they help to reduce the strain your eyes have from looking at the screen all day. This feature is becoming more and more popular as most offices now do all of their business online and workers jobs are dependent on using the computer. The extra cost for this type of lens is well worth it.

When you purchase your eyeglasses online from one of these companies, they will often offer coupons for a first-time purchase which will further reduce you cost. They will offer a guarantee that the glasses are made correctly with the proper lens strength. You may also need to know the pupillary distance of your eyes. This is the measurement from the center of one pupil to the center of the other. The online companies will have a measuring tool that you can use to get this done. Many people have been using these services and are very happy with the results.