Outdoor Event Management In The Mobile Age

There’s a new world of workers who want to enjoy their life, but are ready to work at the tap of a button. While there’s no shortage of bad things to say about smartphones and tablets entering people’s lives, there’s an efficient and ethical way to manage people with modern technology.

Take a look at a few ways that a good piece of software and a safe approach to mobile technology can boost your outdoor event crew tracking, productivity, and outreach with less effort on your part.

Adjust Availability On The Go

Outdoor event management has the potential to be faster, more efficient, and more affordable.

By using tracking software to cut out a lot of the paperwork management and memory-based guesswork, you can dedicate more management time to more important tasks.

One benefit of today’s app culture is being able to reach your team while they’re on the go. Whether they have a smartphone attached to their hip or prefer to check emails every once in a while, you can use your system to alert and manage their schedules easier.

The first benefit is a built-in system of charts, graphs, notes, and reports. While these are far from new concepts, today’s tech can deliver the information with ease.

Why jump around through different programs, documents, and websites across a cluttered computer desktop? Within a single system you can these core tasks:

  • Recruiting
  • Onboarding
  • Skill Management
  • Scheduling
  • Communication
  • Travel
  • Time Tracking
  • Pay

There are always ways to improve and nice tools that may catch your interest outside of the normal management loop, but cutting down on tech clutter with a consolidated system can make life easier.

A Better View Can Change Everything

Calling out of work is nothing new, but the way that every generation approaches free time has changed.

Can your workers see their worked hours, future hours, and pay easily? Do they need to read through a lot of text and decimals, or is there a way to view hours in a way that’s easy on the eyes.

Gamification is a method of delivering information and encouraging people to be active by taking advantage of how games keep people engaged. It can be as simple as using a circle that fills up with a number to show hours for the day and week.

For event crews and other jobs that have a mix of dedicated workers and flexible odd job jumpers, these charts can deliver satisfaction.

Some popular management systems use animated meters to show:

  • Hours left in the shift.
  • Hours complete for the week.
  • Amount of hours until overtime.
  • A green color for money.
  • Similar cool colors and shades for bonuses, such as greens, blues, and purples.
  • X out of X or “player lives” for PTO and sick days.
  • A roster of relevant team members and ways to content within the company, not through private info.

You don’t necessarily need to approach your company’s productivity like a game. That said, many of the most popular and productive systems already have. There are specific views and information delivery styles that come from game development.

At the end of the day, go with what works. If it’s easy on the eyes to you, give it a try. Ask for real feedback from employees to figure out what they want.

If they’re happy, they’re more likely to be productive. If they’re productive, your event staffing will be one less thing to worry about.

Contact a workflow management professional to discuss other great ways to make outdoor event crew tracking easier.