The Difference Between Wireless And Wired Security Cameras

Security cameras are of different types. They can be characterized as indoor and outdoor cameras, bullet and PTZ cameras, analog and DVR cameras, and one such similar variation is wireless and wired cameras. But before you can find out more about what these cameras are, you should have an idea about the importance of internal security system and physical security system.

Why Should Internal And Physical Security Systems Be Guarded?

Internal security system is straight up related to cybersecurity. A strong internal security system is required for the following reasons.

  • An internal security system with a strong backdoor password protection is less likely to be corrupted with malwares and viruses.
  • Since a strong internal security system make a use of filters that limit the access of sensitive information only to the relevant department and people, the chances of the information being leaked are minimal.
  • A Company with a strong internal security system is a trusted place where customers like to invest. Thus, commercial value of such a company always increase.

A strong physical security system is necessary in order to keep all your valuable assets – infrastructure, clients, customers, and employees – safe. Its major benefits are listed below.

  • Stronger physical security with cameras all around the office put a seal on harassment of all kinds.
  • Employees become more work oriented and focused considering the fact that they know the management department can monitor them.
  • Customers and unruly employees refrain from damaging the office property because of the fear of being caught red-handed.

What Are Wireless and Wired Security Cameras?

Now that you know the importance of security cameras, it’s time that you learn the basics about wireless and wired cameras. This knowledge will help you in understanding what kind of camera will be suitable for you.

Wired Security Cameras And Their Features

Wired security cameras are the traditional ones that need 3 things to work.

  • High speed internet connection
  • A power cable
  • A video transmission

The feed by these cameras remain un-interrupted since it remains unaffected by wireless transmission signals. This is because the camera is connected to the recorder physically with the help of a router.

Wireless Security Cameras And Their Features

Wireless security cameras are least fussy and easy to install. These cameras can be connected with the servers with the help of a Wifi. The most significant features of wireless cameras include the following.

  • They can be upgraded and uninstalled, and the cost of upgradation is quite low.
  • They can be shifted from one place to the other with ease and they’re less bulky too.