Tips on Improving Workplace Communication

Communication is important in any business. The management connects with employees through internal communication. Lack of a proper communication channel renders organizations useless Furthermore, an internal communication program creates an avenue to pass critical information concerning employees. Many people may not know this, but communication teams work hard to come up with communication plans to ensure success. Creating a corporate communication plan can be hectic if you do not know the steps involved. Below are the steps you can follow to create a successful communication plan.

Determine objectives

Knowing why you need a corporate communication plan helps you create work works for you. Don’t create a communication plan because everyone is doing it. Coming up with the objectives of the plan helps you stay focused on what you want to accomplish. Moreover, it helps you determine the right people for the job.

Research Your Internal Communication Plan

Before you start creating a plan, take time to do research. For the new plan to work effectively, stakeholders should be consulted. What would they like to see in the corporate communication plan? Conducting a survey can give you the information that you need.


Once through with research, move to the planning phase. Do not skip this stage for any reason because it gives a rough idea what to expect. Plan timelines, deadlines, what you want to achieve, and how long it will take to measure objectives.

Focus on Business Problems and Available Tools

Your internal communication program needs to address business problems. It will only be relevant if it deals with existing problems. You can see this page to know the kind of tools you have and how to use them. Intranet can help you create a meaningful and successful plan.

Things Corporate Intranet Should Do

Intranet assumes an agile approach to review, launch and update new features to improve customer service. It is vital to ensure that organizational elements are useful and relevant. A company intranet needs to do a couple of things to ensure value.

Get Work Done

A company intranet should make work easy by getting things done. People come to the workplace to finish tasks not to drag behind. Therefore, intranet should solve communication, information, collaboration problems. It needs to employ tools that answer every problem employees have. For examples of the intranet, tools include workflow and tools, organizational charts, integration functionality, search functionality. An organizational chart can pool information from different sources to make work easier for employees. It also organizes work for them. Workflow and forms help businesses to streamline processes thus improving efficiency. Integration functionality facilitates different processes within your organization. It enables corporate intranet the ideal location for employees since they can access different information at once.

Align it business objectives

Your intranet should align with your business objectives to avoid confusion. Failure to align it with your business could make it irrelevant. Furthermore, it will become redundant and removed from the company. Determine the goals of the company and the role of the intranet in achieving them. It is important to know whether your intranet match objectives of every unit. Incorporating intranet in your organization is beneficial because it helps you achieve set objectives. Conduct research, plan and use the right tools to create an effective communication plan.