Web Design Trends in Melbourne

When you have a website built, it becomes more than just a destination where you sell your products or services. Websites are tools where you can build trust, inspire and educate your audience. The motive of your design should be to keep new and repeat visitors hooked so that they find it difficult to leave.

This should help turn them into loyal customers in the future.

A large part of creating this influence is done by adding elements to your site that are in alignment with current local Melbourne web design Melbourne trends and on a global scale as well. These trends help accommodate the reality that many individuals have an increasing demand for their daily lives, attention and time.

Responsive Web Design

While the trend towards having a website with responsive web design isn’t new, it’s still an important aspect of ensuring that your website has a uniformity when displayed on different types of devices. Whether that’s a laptop, tablet, PC or smartphone, responsive web design involves adapting and planning for different displays that are currently available and ones that may emerge in the years ahead.

Aesthetic Minimalist Design

When a user looks at your website on their screen, they only see the information that’s presented in that section. Minimalist design creates an uncluttered, clean look. Descriptive features are eliminated so that your content takes a leading role.

The emphasis of this design type is based on only including essentials. Superfluous pages, images, and diagrams are avoided in favor of having only those elements that are needed to enhance your text.

While this may sound like it’s easy to create, taking this approach requires a web design Melbourne professional to think about the user experience when your website is being designed. This includes making sure that the navigation and flow leads a customer to important areas while minimizing and removing any extras that will just confuse.

A Large Emphasis on Typography and Fonts

Typography has always had a significant role in web design. However, it has continued to evolve into more than just a way to attract attention. It’s now used as an art form that contributes to the aesthetics of each page on your website.

With the popularity of having a minimalist design, typography and fonts can be used strategically to portray a specific message while adding to the clean look of the aesthetic minimalist design.

Large fonts can be used in an effective way that helps serve as visual cues. They can create a certain type of impression about your brand and the content you provide. Fonts and typography can also be utilized to build trust and spark emotion.

For example, if your website deals with music, it’s more appropriate to use a flamboyant, flowing font as opposed to a legal firm that offers factual, strict data. In the latter case, a more professional font like sans-serif would be advised.

Professional Photography That’s Engaging

Another global and Melbourne web design trend that continues to be popular is to have bright, professional photos as a background for text and specialized fonts. These are often placed above the fold, which is the first section of a website that most people will see.

It will usually include core relevant information that piques the curiosity of a user and makes them want to see more. If any colors are used as visual clues, they’ll be blended in or bring attention to specific text.


This gives your content room to breathe and can greatly improve the experience of a user. Visitors are more likely to scan your website when they visit for the first time. Whitespace provides a wide open area where specific elements can be highlighted, which helps enhance any messages that you want to portray to your audience.

This element of web design is likely to remain as an important component in website design. If your website currently has too much information and noise, you may be losing customers who find it difficult to navigate.

Whitespace gives users the ability to quickly scan through information while they remain engaged. It helps improve aesthetics and provides a way to draw attention to any services or products that you offer.

Continuous Scrolling

The ability to continuously scroll through a website has been available for some years. With the rise in growth of individuals using their smartphones to browse the internet, continuous scrolling has become an excellent way to keep users engaged. It simplifies the way that a user navigates your website and emphasizes a more fluid, intuitive way to browse.

Scrolling is easier than clicking and increases interaction with your site. Also, it also reduces load times, which allows for quicker interaction. This helps meet the demands of users who want to be satisfied as fast as possible.

Integrating Social Media

The integration of social media on your website has also become a trend. By placing social media badges on your website, it provides the opportunity for a user to visit your Facebook, Twitter or YouTube profiles.

These provide other areas on the web where you can share your stories and content. Making users aware of your presence all over the web allows them to share your stories as well.

Illustrated Animations

Globally, lightweight illustrations that are animated with the assistance of HTML 5 and SVG have been appearing on many websites. This is a way to add a unique, customized touch to your brand and portray a message by using visuals. Grabbing a user’s attention and surprising them with unique content is going to be even more important in the future, especially if you want to stay ahead of the competition.

These animated illustrations can bypass the page loading speed penalty that Google will punish websites with. This makes illustrated animations worth using.

Intractable Content

Another trend that is emerging globally is to have more interactable content on your site. This is a way to surprise visitors with games, polls, trivia and an experience that is more personalized. When your website can continue to grab attention, it will help impress users. You can track these methods and learn more about your customers, which is valuable data to have.

Don’t Let Your Business Get Left Behind

Competition is only going to get fiercer each year. To stay successful and keep people interested in your content, the web design and trends that you use play an important role. It’s easy to get left behind fast and watch others in your niche pass you by.

However, if you step up your game with a new web design that matches current trends, it will enable you to refine your brand and portray a message that will help your business build trust. After learning about the benefits that current design trends can bring, don’t you think it may be time to hire a professional web design Melbourne agency like Ooze?